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Here is some useful links you may check out before or during your travel. Please inform us if a link is broken.

Copenhagen Airport, all practical information.

There is a train every 10th minutes from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station. Buy tickets for 3 zones. You can also buy a return ticket that must be time-stamped in the machine before you get in the train. The journey takes less than 12 minutes.

Journey Planner, found both in English and auf Deutch, includes both bus and train schedules. No guarantee for international journey planning.

Danish State Railways, in English as well.

Weather forecast for Denmark, both in German and in English, at the website of  Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut. You can also view 5 days' forecast in graphic format, but only in Danish:

The famous Tivoli. More than an amusement park. Rock concerts, jazz, ballet, theatre, classical music and much more. Remember to check out the opening days and hours. Please note that Tivoli has become very commercial lately, in our opinion. The rides are much shorter, the restaurants are very expensive, and the other food options are no more than junk food. Just next to be called a "tourist trap".

Bakken, Worlds oldest amusement park and the place of �World Santa Claus Congress� Check out the opening days. The rides are probably better than the ones in Tivoli.

The New Carslberg Glyptotek, a cultural and artistic treasure next to Tivoli.

Danish Design Centre: cafe, exhibition, shop

Official website of all palaces, castles and gardens in Denmark

Kronborg Castle, the most famous castle of Denmark, well known from Hamlet by Shakespeare.

The Royal Library, and its new building The Black Diamond. It is located on the south end of our street.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium. Within 5 minutes' walking distance. It has the largest screen format IMAX, shown on a 1000 square meters screen. A must for every one.

The Land of Legends, is one of the best alternatives for travelers who are looking for more than city attractions. A camp demonstrating viking life where kids have the possibility to fight with old weapons. "Eldorado for kids" Check out the opening time.

Trelleborg Viking Fortress: The fortress, the market, and camping site. Not open all year around. For those who look for more of Denmark.

"The round tower" Rundetaarnet or Rundetaarn. Rundetaarn is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. It was used by the University of Copenhagen until 1861 but today anyone can observe the night sky through the fine astronomical telescope of the tower in the winter period. The website is found in 13 languages...

"State Art Museum" Statens Museum for Kunst, or The Danish National Gallery.

Botanic Garden, another must see, within 5 minutes� walking distance.

Car parking: In downtown Copenhagen it is not recommended to have a car as the city is very compact and the public transportation is very accurate. However, if you are traveling by car, it is a good idea to check out the parking rules and the restrictions in the capital to avoid fines.


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